The Swedish Centre for Terminology

(Terminologicentrum TNC)
The overall aim of Terminologicentrum TNC is to meet all kinds of terminological needs of users of languages for special purposes. TNC achieves this through terminological services and support to authorities, organizations, enterprises who pursue terminological work of their own within various subject fields, and also to individuals.

TNC is involved in the following:

  • the development of terminological products such as terminological glossaries and databases, compilation of manuals for technical writing, etc.
  • the formulation of rules and guidelines for the writing of technical texts
  • collection, processing and dissemination of terminology of specialised subject fields
  • terminological reviews of standards and other documents containing terminology
  • lectures and courses on the principles and methods of terminology work and technical writing
  • co-operation with other language institutions on a national level and with terminological institutions on an international level.

Terminologicentrum TNC receives a grant from the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications.

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