TNC, the Swedish Centre for Terminology

TNC is Sweden’s national centre for terminology and languages for specific purposes (LSP) and as such we:

  • have an overview of terminological activities carried out in Sweden,
  • help coordinate terminological activities at national authorities, companies and organizations,
  • gather terminology collections from various subject fields, and
  • distribute terminology via Rikstermbanken, Sweden’s national term bank.

TNC’s vision is a ‘smooth’ LSP communication in society. We contribute by

  • helping LSP speakers achieve consensus about the concepts and the choice of corresponding terms,
  • offering terminological support, e.g. by managing, or participating in, various terminology and glossary projects,
  • answering terminological queries,
  • maintaining term banks,
  • teaching terminology theory,
  • reviewing documents and drafting rules for writing.

We also contribute to making term recommendations more widely known, for example via education and training, the media, and of course, by publishing terms and definitions in Rikstermbanken, Sweden’s national term bank.

TNC stands on two pillars, one commercial and one public

TNC is a limited liability company, which means that we have proprietors, a board of directors and that we follow the provisions of the Swedish Companies Act. TNC also has a public, governmental mandate and receives funding from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation in order to finance the mandate. Thus, TNC is a commercial company offering consulting services within the area of terminology and LSP, but TNC also has a public mandate to act as a national centre for terminology, aiming at a clear and an efficient LSP communication in society.

The two TNC pillars constitute a solid foundation. The consultancy projects contribute to an overview of terminology work done in Sweden, and so strengthen TNC’s ability to act in the service of society. TNC’s government mandate benefits society as a whole since it covers such fundamental activities as:

  • collection and dissemination of terminology, for instance through Rikstermbanken,
  • interaction with other national language agencies and with other international terminology bodies (e.g. EAFT, Termnet, and Infoterm),
  • development and spreading of terminology theory and working methods, both nationally and internationally (e.g. ISO/TC 37).


If you want to contact us, please send an e-mail to or call us at (+46)08-446 66 00.